Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. Electricity gives a wide variety of well-known effects, such as lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction and electric current. In addition, electricity permits the creation and reception of electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves.

In electricity, charges produce electromagnetic fields which act on other charges. Electricity occurs due to several types of physics:

  • electric charge: a property of some subatomic particles, which determines their electromagnetic interactions. Electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields.
  • electric field (see electrostatics): an especially simple type of electromagnetic field produced by an electric charge even when it is not moving (i.e., there is no electric current). The electric field produces a force on other charges in its vicinity.
  • electric potential: the capacity of an electric field to do work on an electric charge, typically measured in volts.
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    Ed Humes: Ours is the most wasteful civilization in history. Here’s how to stop that

    The Spokesman-Review 17 Apr 2024
    ... Why no protests over miles-per-gallon fuel economy ratings that ignore how every gasoline car wastes $4 out of $5 we spend at the pump? ... Why not try parking your gas-wasting car for short trips and ride-share, borrow or buy an eBike, e-scooter or street-legal electric golf cart....

    Letters to the Editor: Autopia is better for Knott’s Ghost Town than Disney’s Tomorrowland. Electrify now

    The Los Angeles Times 17 Apr 2024
    ('Hurry up with the electric cars, Disneyland. There's no time to waste,' column, April 9) But, this old dog has learned some new (pollution-reducing) tricks ... all-electric Hyundai Kona....

    Lucid EV retains EPA-rated 830-km range despite tougher standards

    Driving 17 Apr 2024
    According to Lucid, some jiggery-pokery with battery cell chemistry, some refinements to its already efficient electric motors, and, most of all, the incorporation of a heat pump for less wasteful cabin heating means the Grand Touring remains rated for about 830 kilometres of range, the same, but still the best in the EPA’s mind....

    Commentary: Accelerate the energy transition by adopting public power

    Times Union 17 Apr 2024
    By getting rid of outsourced third-party management by PSEG Long Island and adopting a full public power model, Long Island’s power grid could be managed more effectively, improving service, eliminating waste, saving up to $75 million a year and lowering electric bills....

    O2 Arena removes 500+ tonnes of carbon in world first scheme during The 1975 residency

    Music News 17 Apr 2024
    ... four shows - the equivalent yearly electricity usage of 395 average homes ... Furthermore, The O2 has invested in a permanent reusable cup scheme and cup-washing machines powered by electricity from renewable resources, further reducing waste and emissions at the world-famous venue....

    Kyushu town mulls playing host to nuclear waste site

    Asahi News 16 Apr 2024
    GENKAI, Saga Prefecture--A special committee of the town assembly here on April 15 started discussing a possible first step in hosting a final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste from nuclear plants ... The petition urged the assembly to accept a government “literature review” for selection as a final disposal site for radioactive waste....

    European study shows continent exports solar waste

    PV Magazine 16 Apr 2024
    Europe's solar boom is hiding its waste through exports, according to a new study ... The European Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive suggests that as of 2012, PV modules fall under Category 4 of the directive, and the inclusion mandates their proper disposal and recycling....

    There’s nectar in Orange Farm’s urban gardens

    Mail Guardian South Africa 16 Apr 2024
    Abaa has trained seven staff members and together they pass on skills such as how and when to water, how to create the best soil for growing food, and how to use food waste for composting ... Abaa is in the process of installing a biogas plant in Orange Farm, which will use all forms of waste, of which there is an abundance....

    Iraq To Start Bitcoin Mining On A Nation-State Level, Pundit Claims

    Bitcoinist 16 Apr 2024
    Among the topics addressed was the utilization of new technologies to capture flare gas, a byproduct of oil extraction that is often burned off and wasted. Flared gas capturing is a significant point of interest for the Bitcoin community, as this excess gas can be converted to electricity and used to power mining operations....

    Multiple events planned around Earth Day in Royal Oak

    Royal Oak Daily Tribune 16 Apr 2024
    “We’ll also do a series of teachings on a variety of topics such as climate change, climate justice, food waste reduction and public transit policy,” he said. Some electric vehicles will be ... Volunteers can get trash and yard waste bags from the Department of Public Services,1600 N....

    Rising gold prices drive Indians into jewellery recycling; here's what experts say

    Live Mint 15 Apr 2024
    The rising gold prices is leading to dwindling of demand in the country and prompting Indians to opt for recycling of their old jewelleries amid festive season.Also read ... Alternatively, it may come from industrial scrap material, predominantly comprising waste electrical and electronic equipment like computers, tablets, and mobile phones....

    Lào Cai limiting tourism impact on nature

    Vietnam News 14 Apr 2024
    To implement this model, the commune established a self-managed farmers association, which was supported with two electric waste collection vehicles and 20 bins for people to easily classify and discard waste.  ... Anh Đức homestay in Tả Van Giáy village, Tả Van Commune, Sa Pa Town, has been reducing plastic waste for many years. ....

    Government won’t overburden Ghanaians with taxes – Finance Minister

    Ghana Business News 14 Apr 2024
    In doing so, GRA and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have gone through credible and sustainable structures to ensure it generates the GH¢1.8 billion revenue that the electricity and waste pollution tax were to provide....